Of one's Hour, Part II. February 2016, Links Hall, Chicago, IL

Of One’s Hour is a performance and installation composed of 6 10 minute sections. There are static images with live bodies, invoking the history of the tableau vivant, as well as performers conducting minimal, evocative tasks. One performer stands behind the stage curtain, with only their hands visible. These hands slowly and elegantly pull tissues out of a tissue box one by one, and letting them fall to the floor over the course of the performance, creating an accumulating pile. One performer slowly walks forward in a reflective garment, becoming illuminated by another performer wearing a headlamp in the audience; then she recedes back into the darkness. A performer drinks hidden beers out of another performer’s shoe, and then massages this performer with a rose in an electric drill.

Of one's Hour, Part I. May, 2015, Links Hall, Chicago, IL